About Us

There is a strong believe that a solution to our challenges can be achieved through the integration of different disciplines. The integration between science and technology will allow E-JUST researchers to address these challenges in many fields in the themes of health, energy, food, sustainability, etc. Also, there is broad recognition among the science disciplines that “interdisciplinary” programs are successful. Consequently, modern research is frequently guided by the idea of interdisciplinary and led to a big growth in the number of interdisciplinary graduate programs in sciences. BAS Institute at its first phase is offering five interdisciplinary research programs that include Nanoscience, Biotechnology, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Energy Materials and Space Environment. To become a first class international academic institution for its interdisciplinary basic and applied research, and for the high standard of its graduate's skills and competencies.


- To provide leadership in the development and implementation of system-wide strategies to facilitate collaboration across different research disciplines and to achieve excellence in interdisciplinary graduate programs.
- To promote cooperation with E-JUST Schools, graduate programs and centers.


- To enhance and expand basic and applied sciences that will enhance the fields of advanced technology.
- To increase the E-JUST's visibility internally and externally.
- To serve as a resource for science and engineering research and education activities.
- To bring together faculty from across the E-JUST to leverage expertise and facilities, promoting impactful research in science and engineering.
- To enhance and create interdisciplinary graduate programs related to the sustainability of our society.
- To train and graduate outstanding master and doctoral students with degrees in basic and applied. sciences