About the program

Space technology is improving our lives and making the world a better place. The global coverage of satellites offer a unique, fact-based perspective that can help us overcome our greatest challenges. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, or Global Goals), unanimously adopted at the United Nations in 2015, are a great summary of the world’s current challenges. Space is one of many important tools that can be used to help us address them. The establishment of the "Space sciences and Remote Sensing" program came in support of Egypt's national scientific strategy to enter the era of outer space science. This national support clearly began with the establishment of the Egyptian Space Agency. Therefore, the establishment of the Space Environment and Remote Sensing program is considered a step toward achieving this strategic goal. The program is considered one of the main pillars in this great national project and aims to contribute to providing and filling the acute need for qualified human cadres to work in the space industry. The study in this program depends on the theoretical, scientific and applied aspects through the conclusion of contracts and scientific cooperation agreements, and the implementation of research projects with research institutions and national and foreign scientific bodies to form the necessary cadres in the field of space technology and industry.

Distinguishing the program in Egyptian universities

This program will be among the distinguished programs in Egyptian universities, where the study of space sciences is limited to limited universities represented in: Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Department of Astronomy, Space and Meteorology, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Department of Astronomy and Meteorology for Boys, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Physics Division Astronomy and Space Sciences, Aerospace Engineering Division at the Military Technical College, Aeronautical Engineering and Space Sciences at Zewail University, and Navigational Sciences and Space Technology at Beni Suef University.

Promising career opportunities

In light of the interest the world is currently witnessing in space sciences, the Egyptian National Strategic Plan for Space Sciences has been formulated in accordance with the state’s vision for sustainable development 2030 and aims to raise Egypt’s position and enhance its capacity in the space industry, with its various sciences, technologies, applications and services, in an effort to possess self-capacity to build and launch Satellites, placing Egypt on the world's satellite and research map. The United Nations report, “The work of the twenty-third session of the Committee on Science and Technology for Development, held from June 10-12, 2020,” indicated that Egypt possesses human resources, various disciplines, and infrastructure that enable it to invest in the field of space. Excellent career opportunities await graduates of this program in national and multinational organizations. The newly established Egyptian Space Agency will be the main domestic opportunity. Last year 2019, the African Union agreed to establish and host the African Space Agency in Egypt. This will increase the demand for graduates of this program. The following are some of the local institutions that represent the labor market for graduates of the program:
1- Egyptian space agency
2- The African Space Agency to be held in Egypt
3- National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
4- National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research

Career Prospects

The program will allow the graduates students to work in the following institutions and companies:
• National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
• Egyptian Space Agency
• The African Space Agency to be held in Egypt
• General Meteorological Authority
• Ministry of Environment
• Civil Aviation Authority (Air Control)
• National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research
• Petroleum and Minerals Companies