-Biomedical Science is the field of study that focuses on the areas of biology that are relevant to healthcare. The discipline is wide-ranging, and there are three general areas of speciality – Translational Medical Informatics, BioTHerapeutics, and Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology.

-MBB program will provide the students with opportunities to build fundamental knowledge in biomedical sciences and actively participate in areas of life sciences research as it meets the demands in human resources for this field, popularizes biotechnology and promotes partnerships with industry.

-The Implementation of biosafety guidelines for genetically modified organisms and recombinant DNA technology-based products are examples of the prolific fields of this program. Bioinformatics and computational biology are crucial assets to fulfill the mission of establishing an information network with the scientific community, nationally and internationally.


-Produce students who are well prepared for careers and advanced study in the life/health Sciences and related fields.

-Maintain a high level of scholarly activity in a variety of fields associated with Biology and Science Education.

-Serve the needs of the entire university and specific academic departments through our curricular offerings and involvement in the academic community.

-Provide state-of-the-art academic approaches as well as utilize appropriate equipment, technology, and resources for teaching, learning and research in the Sciences and Science Education.

Tools of Success

-Promotion of large-scale use of biotechnology in the fields of diagnostics, therapeutics and environmental sciences.
-Supporting R&D and manufacturing in biological sciences.
-Promotion of interactions between academia and industry.
-Participation in setting up Centers of Excellence for R&D and providing accredited services.
-Serving as a regional site for specific international collaboration especially with sister Japanese universities.
-Evolve biosafety guidelines, manufacture and application of bioactive products.

Career path and working fields

-Careers in Biomedical Science are mostly research- and lab-based, with the aim to improve and advance medical knowledge.
-The broadness of this discipline gives graduates many opportunities to specialize already during their studies, and thus offers many career options.
-As a biomedical scientist, you might be growing embryos for IVF, 3D-printing a heart, or finding a new medicine to fight cancer. Biomedicine is the field where biology and changing the world meet.
-The graduate also can work in the academic field (teaching and research) which will qualify him for the academic track (masters and PhD).