-Chemistry plays a decisive role in the scientific-technological and economic-social development of a country. Chemistry is crucial to provide new forms of energy and new materials, promoting innovation in all areas of production, thus ensuring a better quality of life.
-Hence, our goal for introducing the Bachelor of chemistry program is to educate the students in an effective manner so that the chemistry professionals can serve the fascinating fields of the chemistry.

Why Become a Chemistry Major by E-JUST ?

-Bachelor of Science in Chemistry serves as synergism of basic concepts of Chemistry with many applications and conduit between bench scale chemistry and industrial scale chemical and chemical engineering. The main objective of this degree course is to produce graduates with enhanced skills, knowledge and research aptitude to carry out higher studies or research and development in the various chemistry
-It establishes the study of development, optimization, and monitoring of fundamental chemical process which is used in the industry for transforming raw materials and useful commercial products for society. It also provides technical and managerial skills in industrial development and management.
-Students will learn and gain experience to enable them to use knowledge in different industrial fields and public sectors.

Program Details

Career path and working fields

-Quality control.
-Pharmaceutical industry
-Processing industry
-Fertilizer production industry
-Plastics industry
-Pulp and paper industry
-Oil and petroleum industry
-Textile industry
-Dyes and paints industry
-Cosmetics industry
-Cement industry
-Glass industry
-Water purification and wastewater purification