Program vision

The vision of the mathematics and statistics (MAS) program is to provide top-quality education in the field of mathematical, statistical, and computational sciences, engage in society-related development and research, and enhance the quality of life within society.

Program Objectives

-In-depth knowledge of mathematics and statistics, while remaining familiar with allied areas.
-Competence in working within teams, communicating effectively, and learning independently.
-Enhance the relationships between the university and the industry by preparing the students for developing and implementing models for solving real problems.
-Engaging and sustaining self and life-long learning.
-Foster the relationship with Japanese academia and industry.

Tools of Success

-Promotion of large-scale use of mathematics, statistics, and computational modeling in science, engineering, and other diverse field related to real-world applications.
-Supporting R&D and engineering sciences.
-Serving as a regional site for specific international collaborations, especially with Japanese universities.

Career path and working fields

The MAS graduates will be prepared for a variety of careers such as: Industrial, business, and economic fields require skills in modeling, computation, and statistics. Also, they continue their higher education through master or doctoral programs in applied and computational mathematics.