About Program

Biotechnology is the science that links life sciences and technological applications. Biotechnology integrates technologies with biological matter, organisms, cells, or biological systems and processes to develop products and services that improve human’s life and the health of our planet. Biotechnology is used in brewing alcoholic beverages, baking bread, forensics and paternity testing, diagnosis of diseases, making of new drugs and biotherapeutics to cure diseases, development of vaccines and generation of genetically modified organisms. BAS Institute, at E-JUST, has a graduate program that offers research opportunities in Biotechnology. The outstanding research facilities available at E-JUST support collaborations between students and faculty members with researchers in hospitals, and private and industrial sectors from different disciplines, thus, enabling exchanges of ideas and expertise that lead to advance basic information and provide services in healthcare systems, developing therapies, improving agriculture, mastering food technologies, energy conservation and clean and renewable energy resources, which all add up to a better environmental management. The research of Biotechnology at E-JUST goes far beyond the theoretical basis. Graduate students in the Biotechnology program are groomed to be creative problem solvers who are passionate about using biological concepts in innovative, interdisciplinary, and applicable approaches.


In response to the growing biotechnology sector in Egypt, there is a demand for employees that are familiar with and trained in basic skills common among these types of industries. Our graduates will receive high-quality research experience in various biotechnology practices including spectroscopy (or analytical methods), PCR techniques, gene cloning, gene discovery, gene transfer, production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), cell and tissue cultures, etc.


Through our M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs, the graduates will dig into massive research in biology and biotechnology while also sharpening their professional and educational knowledge and skills.
The courses will give our graduates the knowledge and skills to start a career as a researcher or entry-level employee in any industry related to the many applications of Biotechnology.
The courses and practical work will provide our graduates with a deep understanding of research techniques and data analysis.
The courses and practical work will train students to have a high standard of proper documentation methods, quality control measures, critical thinking, writing, oral communication skills, and basic chemical and biological safety precautions.