About Program

Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM) offers a broad and challenging academic program that supports the mission of EJUST. ACM offers the opportunity to tackle complex problems by combining an appreciation of applied mathematics, statistics, mathematical modeling, and computational methods with an understanding of computing which is a key component in mathematical problem-solving.


ACM provides an integrated study of mathematics programs, including research experiences, seminar-based learning skills and writing scientific papers and reviews on topics relevant to ACM. Moreover, ACM hands many courses and curriculum relevant to particular focus areas in EJUST, such as courses for:
1- Graduate students with major Mathematics or Statistics,
2- Undergraduate students enrolled in Computer Science and Information Technology Programs
3- Undergraduate students enrolled in Pharm D Programs.
4- Undergraduate students enrolled Sustainable Architecture program
5- Undergraduate students enrolled Faculty of International Business and Humanities


The educational plan of the ACM program equips graduate students with the following:
1- Competence in working within teams, communicating effectively, and learning independently.
2- Enhance the relationships between the university and the industry by preparing the students for developing, implementing models for solving real problems.
3- Engaging and sustaining self and life-long learning.
The ACM graduates will be prepared for a variety of careers such as industrial, business, and economic fields that require skills in modeling, computation, and statistics. Also, they continue their higher education through master or doctoral programs in applied and computational mathematics.