-The program encourages the development of educational physics through primary and secondary education by participating in the development of methodology of physics education, and particularly through continued work with students that were recognized as extremely talented.
-The graduate of the program shall enjoy understanding the details of how current Nano-electronics technologies work. And to use this understanding to develop new technologies and industrial applications.


The main objectives of the Applied Physics (AP) program include the development of innovative curricula and attract students with desire to ask questions, understand the universe and bring innovative solutions to society needed problems, with a target to increase impact on the development of the economy and society as a whole.

Tools of Success

-Excellent laboratory equipment.
-State-of the art educational tools.

Career path and working fields

Applied Physics graduates find many different types of jobs, because the skills of problem solving, and critical thinking developed in our programs make them versatile and adaptable.
These jobs involve research and development in areas such as:
-Nano-Materials Physicist
-Optical Physics EngineerĀ 
-Nano-Bio Physicist
-Inventory Strategist
-Nanotechnology Industries