About Program

Nanoscience as a discipline of Chemistry deals with the manipulation of the material at the atomic and molecular scale. It is an interdisciplinary field based on principles related to the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic level in chemical, biological and material systems. Upon completion of this program, students will become familiar with state-of-the-art materials characterization tools and nanofabrication equipment, as well as be able to apply the concepts of nanoscience to emerging technology fields such as clean energy technology, biomedical devices and high-performance materials. BAS Institute offers the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees that provides theoretical and experimental skills. Our graduate degrees are uniquely designed to provide students with interdisciplinary curricula that extend beyond the traditional disciplines.


•Nanoscience programme aims to provide quality interdisciplinary science education in such a way that, the graduates can advance the frontiers of knowledge in Nanoscience by developing and transforming them through research and innovations
•The program prepares qualified graduates for human capital development towards the discovery of alternative nanomaterials, efficient knowledge transfer and for the creation of societal values and morals


To emerge world-leading research that uses the unique opportunities offered by nanoscience to contribute to society through application of nanoscience in different fields.


By the end of the programme, the graduate will possess:
•international collaborations thorough knowledge of principles of basic science that play a role on nanoscience
•insight into the materials and basic research promotion that can be used on the nanoscale and their limitations
•in-depth knowledge of at least one specialization area within the field of nanoscience
•proficiency in translating this knowledge into useful technological applications
•extensive analytic and synthetic problem-solving capacities
•sufficient scientific background to undertake research human resource development
•sensitizing public and media about the advantages and safeguards in nanoscience